Alcohol rehab Testimonials

Ararimu Lodge - A pathway to recovery 

Alcohol Rehab Testimonials

    When you have a family member who suffers from the illness of being an alcoholic the experience for the entire family can be devastating, traumatic and destroying. You really have to keep telling yourself that it's the illness you hate.

In our case the alcoholic was our daughter who you must never give up on or for one minute stop loving.

What we have learnt is that wherever they do seek help it probably needs to be outside the public system if at all possible. For us our daughter found Ararimu Lodge and Jane.

The accommodation, setting, catering, isolation and ambience are all part of the offer at Ararimu Lodge, making it conducive for getting better. However this is only a small part of the overall quality of the rehab program that Jane offers.

Our daughter's and our experience has been a quantum leap forward as we all face the new life going forward. We have seen strength in our daughter that has not been present for sometime. The counselling about general life alongside the alcoholism has rapidly allowed our daughter to restore family relationships and love.

Jane's empathy, knowledge, experience, qualifications and relentless pursuit of success for our daughter are all the key qualities that have ensured our daughter comes out of the process with a chance. That chance of course is now up to her.

This is her second attempt to become sober at a private clinic and to date her progress is very encouraging. This would not have happened without Jane and Ararimu Lodge. We are eternally grateful for the role Jane has played in giving our daughter her life back.  

Thank you forever,
Mum and Dad.

    My name is Karin and my story is probably in some way not unlike others who share what I have. When I realized I was an alcoholic I felt so alone and ashamed. I felt weak and in a lot of ways a failure, I had lost my self-respect and the respect I so dearly treasured from my family and friends. I knew I needed help, but to be honest I didn’t know where to turn, who to trust or where to go.

I am so grateful that my daughter and my partner’s daughter both found Jane’s retreat without either one knowing they had!

When I met Jane I knew she believed in me and with her help, knowledge and guidance I started to believe in myself. I haven’t stopped.

Her programme is life changing and prepares us for living a life without alcohol. It opened my eyes to the opportunities and joys I thought were no longer possible. I learnt so much about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and how to cope with being an alcoholic.

I have my tool box now as we call it.

The 3 weeks I spent with Jane helped prepare me for getting on with the rest of my life on my terms. Thank you Jane my dear friend.  


    About 6 months ago I came to realize that my drinking had started to get out of control. Every morning when I woke up I only had one thought and that was when I could get my next drink to get through the day. I started to isolate myself more and more and my depression worsened. I was in a very dark place and every aspect of my life became affected.

When I hit rock bottom I decided to do something about it. I no longer wanted to live this way and called a friend who suggested to have a look at a new residential treatment program which catered for women only.

After a thorough assessment by Jane I knew this was the place for me and I started my 3 week treatment. I had the privilege to work not only with Jane on a one on one basis but also seeing a counselor twice a week. The passion, dedication and experience that Jane brought to this was absolutely amazing. She provided me with all the tools necessary to begin my journey of recovery once I left. I could not have done this without her and will be forever grateful. My life has changed tremendously so thank you Ararimu Lodge.  


   I considered could this be the best investment I ever make in myself? Without a doubt yes!

For me I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I knew this could be for me. It seemed like the ideal break I needed to break the cycle of my alcohol abuse. The Environment really appealed to me, being exclusively for women one-on-one, private and professional.

When I arrived I was greeted with open arms and the country lodge delivered my expectations. I was confortable for my three-week stay and all my needs were accommodated.

During my recovery I soon realized I could have an amazing life without alcohol and my life could be so revitalized and happy without alcohol, which had been a huge part of my life for many, many years.

It was a very private emotional journey for which I am truly grateful.

Learning to deal with the world again, I felt confident when I left this homely retreat. I am now comfortable in my new life to deal with everyday demands and I have learnt the tools to help deal with those unexpected situations. Thanks to Jane I can now be the person I only dreamed of being. I still work on this new lifestyle and I am truly grateful to myself for making this decision. I have so much to look forward to in my new life with my husband and forever growing family.

By the way did I mention the food is top notch?!

I will never forget this life-changing Journey.  

With much love,

   Throughout many years battling this crippling disease I have made horrible mistakes, terrible decisions and devastating things that have affected not only myself but my family around me.
Jane's clinic has helped me put my life back on the right side of the road. Her unique rehabilitation methods have enabled me to see a brighter future, a more positive mindset towards my addiction.

She has helped me not only with this thing they call "alcoholism", but she has enlightened me with a completely new lens to see through. Her clinic has changed the way I live. I am happier than I have ever been before. My life is going in the direction I want it to go and I can finally bring my family along for the ride.  

Tracey P.

   I'm Yvonne and I'm an Alcoholic.
My trepid journey to sobriety began at the welcoming gates of Ararimu Lodge Residential Facility for alcoholics, managed and run under the professional and caring expertise of Jane and her highly skilled team.

It’s an intense, full time (comprehensive) program...
It was the dramatic rehab course that I desperately needed to turn my miserable, lonely and numb existence around.